Delaying Puberty: Reviewing a Common Therapy that Puts Early Maturation on Hold


Between iPhone-toting 6 year olds and teenagers with online dating profiles, it seems as though kids are getting older, younger. But what if they actually are? Over the past 20 years, studies have shown that the rates of children starting puberty before ages 8 or 9 is on the rise.

Mitchell Geffner, MD, investigator at The Saban Research Institute of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA), reviewed this phenomenon, known as precocious puberty, and a common therapy in a recent paper published in Pediatric Endocrinology Reviews.

“Puberty is already a time for adjustment in adolescents, but when pubertal changes happen in 7 year old kids, the effects may cause serious harm,” says Geffner, who is also chief of the Division of Endocrinology at CHLA. “Physically, early growth spurts may be detrimental to adult height and psychosocial issues can arise in young children who are not ready to cope with their rapidly maturing bodies.”

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7 Things You Need to Know About the Adolescent Brain


Controlling our thoughts, actions and even our thoughts about our actions, the brain is an incredible powerhouse that shapes us into who we are. But its appearance and functions change as we grow up, making it important that researchers observe the brain during every stage of life. Megan Herting,…

A Day in the Life of a Postdoc



After nearly a decade in post-secondary education, a select few continue on and commit to specialized research training after earning their PhD. These postdoctoral scholars, commonly referred to as “postdocs”, are training to become the leading researchers in their fields. But what’s it like to be a postdoc in a primary investigator’s world?


Orquidea Garcia, PhD, from The Saban Research Institute of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles shares what a “day in the life of a postdoc” looks like:

5:30 am- Wake up, make first cup of coffee, put in an extra scoop of grounds….it’s already going to be one of those days.

5:35 am- Sit down to check e-mails, hold my breath, and pray that my recently submitted paper hasn’t come flying back “rejected”.

5:36 am- Breathe a sigh of relief….no news on the paper…..yet….log out of webmail before irony has a chance to ruin my day.

5:36-6:25 am- Finish up PowerPoint for Developmental Biology and Regenerative Medicine meeting presentation….spell check everything (scientists are surprisingly astute at catching every last mistake).

6:25-7:35 am- Get ready while running though exactly what I’m going to say during my talk later today.

7:53 am- Arrive at CHLA. Follow unsuspecting people around the structure hoping they’ll vacate a spot. Finally find someone who IS actually leaving (and not just going to their car to take a nap). Cram my car into the space they left and head for the research institute.

7:57 am- Get to The Saban Research Institute, realize that while I’ve been rehearsing my presentation in my head while walking to work, I’ve left my ID badge in my car.

7:59-9:19 am- Return to The Institute, this time with my badge. Make my way to the lab. I have an experiment that has been incubating overnight, and I need to make sure I change reaction buffers before my presentation. I also need to check on the cells I’ve been culturing and be sure to make up some new reagents for my experiments later on.

9:20 am- Make my way to the conference room, set up for my presentation, and wait.

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I got a new photo editing and this is how I test it out.

I got a new photo editing and this is how I test it out.


what the american school system teaches us



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